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What is the Sacred Life Journey?  To us it is the path of love and respect of body, mind and Spirit. Each of our Sacred Life Journies will be different and we must each honor the call of own divine souls. But that doesn't mean that we can't encourage and inspire one another on this glorious path.  Whether it is a path from rock bottom or from any place where you happen to be at the moment, this is all part of your Sacred Life Journey.

Our Promise To You


It is our intention to support and inspire you on your path of joy and wellness.


Whatever your goal, be it stress reduction, relaxation, weight loss, self-empowerment or healing, we hold onto the knowing that well-being and joy are your birthright. The power of creating the life you dream about is always within your reach.



Our Community


We are a community of like-minded people who focus on "lifting" and supporting you. We are your fellow sisters sharing our collective knowledge and experience to help enhance your life.  It is an exciting world we live in amid all the ''chaos" and we hope to help you live the life of your dreams!















Why I Care So Much


Because we all have our own personal story, our own individual lives to live, filled with many ups and downs. (Some really hard downs at that!) It really comes down to this...we still need each other! While the story may be different... the basic feelings, desires and needs are the same.  When I was ready (sometimes not so ready!) there have been many hands held out to me in my own life.  Hands to help me up, hands to support me, hands to hold me and give me the little push I needed, hands clapping for me, and hands to wave to me in support as I moved on in strength and growth. In every phase of my life there was a loving mentor, a guide, a friend or family member who has added to the beautiful tapestry of my life. And now I want to offer my hand to you…



About Denise


Life Can Get Really Rough


When life gets rough, it can really take a toll on us.  Feeling out of control in her own life years ago, watching things spiral into sickness, depression and addiction, Denise discovered that healing and awareness has to occur in many parts of our life. A gentleness and respect to self was one of the key ingredients that helped with discovering the joy and beautiful wellness within.


Denise’s love of the creative and healing arts has led her to discover the “magic” that is available to all of us but sometimes feels so elusive and wants to share this with others.


The Tough Get Moving


Over the past decade on her own personal path to wellness, Denise has pursued many natural healing modalities, allowing her to heal herself and put together a whole life wellness company to help others.

She has become certified in:





*Holistic Nutritional Counseling

* “Divine Sleep” Yoga Nidra Meditation

*As well as studying EFT, Akashic Records and Trance Healing.


This has helped her put together the whole life wellness company called Creating Joy and Wellness. Teaching “The Lite Method” in small groups or one on one, she introduces the possibilities for living a happier, healthier, lighter life.


By combining her wellness training with this awareness, Bridal Zen Secrets and the "You Are Beautiful" Program was created as well as relaxing and healing hypnotic meditation cd's.



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